Samsung Galaxy S3 Price Drops Off A Fiscal Cliff As S4 Nears

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When the Samsung Galaxy S3 was revealed last year it became the must have handset and even though the handset hasn’t reached its first birthday the successor to it is already here. This has meant that the cost of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has started to drop around the world. Some of the biggest savings can be made with carriers who do not offer subsidies and this includes Malaysia and India. Of course as the next generation device is said to be coming to the shelves in April, it makes sense that its predecessor would come down in price.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been one of the top Android handsets on the market and even today it is a superb device. The drop in price does mean that it is a bargain, but then you do have to bear in mind that the next generation handsets will be out soon.

When the Samsung Galaxy S3 was released in India it came with a price tag of Rs 43,000 and then it went down to Rs 31,900 a few months later. Last week the device had the price tag of just Rs 29,480, while Klipmart are offering it for Rs 29,200.

Over in Malaysia the handset cost RM 2,300 when it was first launched and now you can get it for around RM 1,500.

Many people will find that the offer is just too good to refuse, even though a newer handset has been revealed. But bear in mind if you go for the latest handset it will come with a high price tag on launch. It is thought that the Samsung Galaxy S4 could cost around $589 when it arrives in stores.

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