Galaxy S3 Or iPhone 5? Well, That May Not Be Up To You

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Phone buyers will have some tough choices to make this autumn. There’ll be loads of high-end phablets, tablets and smartphones on the shelves, including, of course, the heavyweight iPhone 5.

iPhone 5 or Samsung Galaxy S3: your carrier may decide that for you

If you’re tempted by both Apple and Samsung, then let your carrier make your mind up for you. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is available from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Verizon, as Samsung wants more outlets. Apple though is expected to be sold through its traditional sources.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 launched in such a fever that Sprint and AT&T had to delay store launches to cope with the pre-orders. Supply caught up by July, though, and all the five biggies were happily selling the S3.

The iPhone 5 will probably be sold by Verizon, Sprint and AT&T. T-Mobile and the smaller networks don’t stand a huge chance of selling it just yet, considering that Verizon and Sprint only just caught on. Interestingly, both AT&T and Verizon are blocking holidays for employees between September 21-30th, suggesting that is when you can expect the iPhone 5 to be in stores. Furthermore Sprint is already slashing iPhone 4S prices, to clear the shelf space for its successor.

T-Mobile won’t, due to design and network incompatibilities, be selling the iPhone 5 just yet. Some leaked company memos have shown that employees are being asked to “sell against” the iPhone in the next few months. As unlocked phones work on T-Mobile, anyone with an unlocked iPhone 5 will be able to use T-Mobile. Current iPhone models may be stuck on EDGE “speeds”, though.

The iPhone 5 won’t be coming to US Cellular for a while, though, as the three big boys will be dominating the scene. Apple’s high subsidies will discourage a lot of smaller networks from buying lots of handsets. T-Mobile mentioned this as a reason for not coming on board last year.

The final decision over which phone to go for may not be made by specs and features, it may come down to which carrier can offer the best experience for that particular device.

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