Samsung Galaxy S3 Better Than iPhone 5 (15 Reasons Why)

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The iPhone 5 is doing valiant battle against the Samsung Galaxy S3, and the S3 is on the backfoot. Samsung however wants to keep the spotlight shined brightly on the S3 and went to great lengths to make an ad showing 15 reasons why its flagship is better than the newly released iPhone 5. In case you missed the ad, here’s is what Samsung had to say.

Why Samsung Galaxy S3 beats the iPhone 5 (Samsung ad)

The Samsung Galaxy S3has NFC and the iPhone doesn’t. NFC is as good as Bluetooth but expands just what you can do by simply tapping your phone against NFC-compatible devices.

Smart Stay keeps the Samsung Galaxy S3 back light on while the user is looking at the screen. This is handy for well-lit places.

S-Beam allows the transfer of data between handsets simply by tapping them together.

Share Shot means that Samsung Galaxy S3 owners can share images over their own Wi-Fi, like iPhone’s Shared Photo Streams.

Group Cast is great for people giving presentations. Users can see files like PowerPoint and interact with them live, as well as PDFs and images stored on their phones.

Direct Call is handy, too. If you’re writing a text and realize you need to call the person instead, just raise the phone to your ear and it’ll start calling the person.

Smart Alert vibrates to tell you you’ve missed calls or texts. It’s like the notification centre, but it reminds you to check your phone rather than you remembering.

Palm Swipe Capture lets users screen grab by swiping a palm over the Samsung Galaxy S3 screen. The iPhone 5 does screen grabs too, but users have to hold the home and sleep/wake buttons down.

Palm Touch works the same was as Palm Swipe, but you use it when you’re playing music to mute it.

Picture in Picture lets users watch videos when they’re already doing something else. You watch the video in a small pop-up.

Shake to Update means you shake your Samsung Galaxy S3 to refresh your apps, like Twitter. Just shake to get your latest tweets.

The removable battery is great if you buy another and keep it charged as a back-up. The iPhone 5 battery is notoriously unremovable.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 supports a microSD card and this can double the storage in some cases to a whopping 128GB. The iPhone 5 simply does not.

Turn Over to Mute does as it says on the tin. Use this widget to silence an incoming cal in seconds.

Tilt-to-Zoom also does as it says on the tin. This is better than pinching.

Now of course it was a bit naughty of Samsung to leave out the many features of the iPhone 5 that put the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the shade, but you can’t find fault with these 15 in their ad either.

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