Samsung Galaxy S3 Or iPhone 5: Can’t Decide? Watch This

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If you are after a smartphone, two of the best on the market are the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3. However deciding between the two handsets could be harder than you think.

Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5: that is the question

The two handsets have been compared numerous times when it comes to their screens, battery and the amount of energy they use. However this is really what people need to hear when making a comparison. If that didn’t help you then would you prefer a comparison that is easy, short, clear and not too much focused on specs? The Inquirer has released a video comparing the two handsets to meet this need. The video is only 3.5 minutes long but it packs in everything that you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5.

It says that the S3 is very comfortable in the hand thanks to the curves; however it lacks the premium feel of the iPhone 5. Display wise there is not much difference in quality other than the iPhone 5 better in bright light.

It then compares the processors, with the result being that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has the 1.4GHz quad-core chip which should make it a lot faster than the iPhone 5, but in reality it isn’t that different. The video tells about the interfaces of the two handsets and the camera. The iPhone 5 has the best panoramic mode, with image quality overall being around the same.

All in all the video sees the two handsets as being equal. However if you want to be nitpicky, the Samsung Galaxy S3 wins slightly thanks to Android being more flexible, while the iPhone 5 has the more premium look to it. The S3 also wins for its large display. Of course which of the two handsets may be more suitable is down to the preference of the individual and whether you like Android or iOS more. Well enough chatter, check out the comparison video below.

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