Samsung Galaxy S3 Or iPhone 5: Can’t Pick? This’ll Help

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The iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 are both top of the range smartphones, so it can be a hard choice deciding between the two of them. With this in mind let’s compare the specs along with the features of the two devices to see if we can work out which one best suits your needs.

Samsung Galaxy S3 or iPhone 5: some pointers to help you pick

iSuppli said that the display technology on the Samsung Galaxy S3 was better than the iPhone 5 despite all the marketing hype behind Apple’s Retina screen. When it came to thickness as it was just 1.1mm and it gave the full gamut of the NTSC. The display of the iPhone 5 is 1.5mm in thickness and it offered only 72% of the gamut. The Samsung Galaxy S3 screen is also the larger so is better for playing games and watching flicks.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with Ice Cream Sandwich and being Android it has more customisation choices than the iPhone 5 (launchers, homescreens, keyboards, ROMs, etc). It will also get the update to the latest Android 4.1 Jelly Bean soon enough. iOS 6 works out of the box with almost no customisation possible (or neccessary) as it is a more streamlined OS than Android. However which suits you the best is down to personal choice. If you want to go customize your phone beyond wallpapers and ringtones then the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the better bet. For something that just works, go for the iPhone 5.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 can be charged with any standard microUSB cable and the iPhone 5 has its own proprietary connected. Since Apple changed the connector on the iPhone 5, you will have to get an adapter if you wish to use your old accessories which were designed for Apple’s past products.

For those who have music on iTunes, the iPhone 5 is the perfect companion as it is married into the software. On the other hand the Samsung Galaxy S3 provides most flexibility and you don’t have to sync your music or your files to any software. This means you can just drag and drop any files onto the handset and don’t need to rely on a specific computer that has your iTunes account to do so.

There are some apps that you can only get on one OS but generally speaking both Android and iOS now have the same selection of the most common and popular apps. Of course Android has some advantages being under the wings of Google as it better integrates features like Gmail, Google Maps, Youtube and more. Google maps of course doesn’t come with iOS 6 anymore, and you have to download YouTube from the App Store for the iPhone 5. Additionally, some apps costs more with the Apple App Store than they do with Android’s Google Play Store. You will find ads used instead in many Android apps instead of being add-free but requiring a purchase to download them. There is no particular reason for this but is believed to be due to the convenience of developers. App developers may just find it better to sell their iOS apps while collect revenue from ads when it comes to the Android version.

If everyone you know has the iPhone then you can rely on the native iMessage app with your iPhone 5. However you can get an app for Android which does virtually the same thing but your friends will have to download the specific app to communicate versus Apple where everyone has the same thing by default.

If you are debating between the two devices you might want to head to your nearest phone store and check them out. The Samsung Galaxy S3 does look cheaper than the iPhone 5 due to the choice of materials, but the S3 has the larger display which will be one of its biggest draws. Also if you are looking for an unlocked handset, then the Samsung Galaxy S3 will cost you lesser than the iPhone 5.

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