Galaxy S3, Note & S2 Jelly Bean Release Dates Narrowed

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Android 4.2 was a refresh of Jelly Bean instead of being Key Lime Pie. However it came with numerous new features. However there are many owners of current Androids that haven’t yet been updated to the previous version, 4.1, yet. Today there is good news if you happen to be with the carrier Rogers in Canada as the Jelly Bean update is coming for older handsets very soon. These include the Samsung Galaxy Note, Galaxy S2, and of course the S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3, S2 & Note Jelly Bean update windows narrowed

News of the update came thorough Samsung and owners of the devices are not hoping that the update will come out without any delays. Rogers have said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 LTE version will be updated to Jelly Bean at some point during this month, and the Note and Galaxy S2 should get the update by December (S2 first).

The news regarding the update came out just as there was a leak of the ROM posted online for the Samsung Galaxy Note, and rumours appeared that the device might have to stick with the Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update as it likely won’t be getting 4.2.

Sales of the Galaxy S3 have been superb for Samsung, so there will be many happy people out there thanks to the update (already rolling out in multiple regions). It is thought that the sales will continue to do well in the New Year thanks to this update.

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