Mega Samsung Galaxy S3 Leaked, Too Big To Be Note 2 [PICS]

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It’s out there, but who dares to carry it? The bigger Samsung Galaxy S3 has been spotted! Mystery aside, PhoneArena is claiming that there are some interesting pictures of what looks like a mega Samsung Galaxy S3. Looks of course can be deceiving and it is in fact a medium sized tablet that resembles the S3 only. These leaked pictures are believed to in fact be of the Google Nexus tablet that’s rumored to feature a quad core Tegra 3 with a 7” screen and running on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich with near upgradability to Jellybean.

Mega Samsung Galaxy S3 is really the new Google Nexus tablet (rumors)

This tablet will compete directly with Galaxy Tab and Kindle Fire. These leaked photos are from PhoneArena as we mentioned earlier, who claim that they are taken off a PC screengrab from press release drafts. On the face of it, the tablet has the look of the Galaxy S3, with the glossy cover and curves, as well as the camera on the front by the light sensors.

There also seems to be something looking like an earpiece – an odd feature for a tablet. Could this tablet also be used as a phone? It’s not known yet whether there’s a slot for a SIM card, though. These pictures aren’t of great quality, so it’s hard to tell if there’s a home button either. The device could well be called the Google Nexus Slate, but this isn’t clear yet either. The back of this tablet is believed to be two-tone aluminum and plastic, which will factor in the 3G and 4G antennae.

There’s a big lens visible on the back, which suggests a camera, and it’s believed that the gadget will run Android 4.0 with a 4.1 update in the pipeline which could well be Jellybean. There may also be Google Earth and Street View. Although this device looks a lot like the S3 and seems to have an earpiece, it’s most likely going to be primarily a tablet than a giant Galaxy S3. And with distinct Samsung design aesthetics, if Samsung isn’t commissioned to make the Google Nexus tablet then we would think this would be the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (although a 7-inch form factor is pushing it). We’ll have more news as it becomes available.

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