S3 & iPhone 5 Have A “Bigger” Problem Than Each Other

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The New breed of handsets are coming our way as manufacturers try and reinvent their past hits so as to remain on top of their rivals. Samsung however have something else to think about as they have two handsets that are contending with each other for flagship status. These are the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Note 2.

Samsung Galaxy Note 2 sales blindside iPhone 5 & Samsung Galaxy S3

While it was the iPhone 5 which was expected to steal the bestseller throne from the Samsung Galaxy S3 before the year was up, it seems that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 may have taken over the reign of the S3 and become the number one device from Samsung.

MobileNApps reports that retailers have confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 is “more popular”, based on sales, than the Galaxy S3 is. Of course the fact that it comes with Jelly Bean installed and it has 2GB of RAM coupled to a quad core processor, has helped it.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 has kicked the S3 from the top spot, however the S3 has sold more than 30 million devices in total since it was launched around the world in May. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 sold 5 million in 60 days so while it hasn’t caught up in overall figures, the fact that it is selling faster than the S3 right now means that it is on the right track.

Sources confirmed the sales numbers of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 all through November and the first couple of days in December were well above that of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 did well in the US during the Black Friday sales and Thanksgiving shopping in November. One 3rd party retailer said that the ratio of sales of the Note 2 and Galaxy S3 is currently three to two. For every two Galaxy S3 devices that are sold, three Note 2 handsets are sold.

As for the iPhone 5, given that it went on sale in 50 additional countries just a week ago, we will have to wait and see how it fairs this month against the Samsung Androids.

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