Samsung Galaxy S3 & Note 2 Android 4.2.2 JellyBean Update: The 11th Hour

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It is looking as though the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, the original Samsung Galaxy Note and the Samsung Galaxy S2 along with the S3 will get the update to Jelly Bean 4.2. The Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 are supposed to be updated before May is out, which should be today.

SamMobile did back up this through Twitter when they said that as well as getting updated to Jelly Bean 4.2, the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and Samsung Galaxy S3 will be getting an update to Key Lime Pie when it finally comes out.

“A tweet from a reliable internal source for Samsung related leaks, SamMobile, has confirmed that both Galaxy Note 2 and Galaxy S3 Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean update is coming by the end of May or in start of June,” said the report.

At this time there is no firm date as to when the Jelly Bean 4.2 update will appear, however it could be the last update the devices will get. Along with bringing bug fixes it will also bring new features, for instance one is the resizing of apps, along with changing colour and the layout.

So are you a fan of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 or the Samsung Galaxy S3? Perhaps you are waiting for the Samsung Galaxy S4 or the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 to be announced.

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