New Samsung Android Leaked, More Powerful Than Galaxy S3

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The Korea Times said that Samsung were hard at work on the Samsung Galaxy S4. However Samsung have since denied this. Well Android&Me reports that there is a benchmark test which has leaked which suggests that Samsung is indeed testing out a new Android handset, which could indeed be the bigger brother of the S3 but are trying to hide the fact for obvious reason.

Android more powerful than Samsung Galaxy S3 leaked, could be S4 or Nexus

Benchmarks saw a device which was codenamed “Samsung TE4” and it features new hardware never before seen in any Android handset. The most noteworthy is the Exynos 5 dual core processor with 1.7GHz dual core Cortex-A15 CPU paired with Mali-T604 GPU.

A&M covered the processor in depth and they saw it in a demo on a design tablet at the CES in January and said that it would one day be in a flagship device from Samsung (earlier thought to be for the Galaxy S3). This hasn’t happened yet, however Samsung did say more than once that they would be the very first to provide a chip that was based around ARMs Cortex A-15 CPU.

At the moment there is no way of telling just what the “TE4” actually is, or even when it might be released. However due to the fact that the benchmark has leaked, this generally means that it may appear soon and steal the spotlight from the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Bear in mind that the Samsung name has been mentioned alongside Nexus, so could this device be a new Nexus if it isn’t the Galaxy S4. How cool would it be to have a new Samsung device in your hands with the Exynos 5 processor before the end of the year?

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