Samsung Galaxy S3 + Steroids = This Monster (Leaked Pics)

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What you see below appears to be the Samsung Galaxy S3 pumped full of steroids and more in tune with what we expected the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 to look like. However what it actually is, is the purported Google Nexus tablet.

Supposed Google Nexus tablet looks like a massive Samsung Galaxy S3

Strikingly similar in looks to the Samsung Galaxy S3 which has just hit markets, it has a curved glossy front with a front facing camera and sensors – except naturally due to the nature of the device it is substantially larger. It was PhoneArena who first leaked the photos, which others have said look like snapshots from a desktop device and are likely to be press image drafts. The photos also show what look to be an earpiece, though we can’t imagine that you could use such a large device as a telephone – also in order to do so you would require a SIM slot for your SIM card which may or may not be present. There also is no home button to be seen on the device – however the quality of the photos are pretty poor so this is all speculation at this point.

The device is rumored to be named the Google Nexus Slate, with a two tone aesthetic on the back of the tablet – aluminum on the bottom three quarters and plastic on the top quarter, which means that 3G and 4G signals can be received effectively. We can also see the camera on the back, and the lens on it looks quite large which hopefully means better capture in low-light conditions.

We are expecting Tegra 3 CPU power on the device and for it to have 1GB RAM like so many other recent devices onto the market. We are also expecting the possibility of an Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) operating system on the device, which is soon to become Android 4.1 (Jellybean) so will have Google Maps with Earth and Street View.

Google Nexus tablet

Google Nexus tablet

Check back for more information as we have it.

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