Buyer Beware! Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini A Far Cry From S3

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While the new Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini may have virtually the same name as the Galaxy S3 as well as it looks, it is nothing at all like its older brother. There are huge differences between the two devices and we are not just talking about the size.

Samsung Galaxy S3 mini vs Samsung Galaxy S3

Samsung may want people to think that the S3 Mini is a flagship handset that is just smaller than the very successful Galaxy S3, however the truth is far different. If you take away every component that did go towards making the Samsung Galaxy S3 so successful and you also reduce the performance of that handset by around 30% to 50% and put cheaper components inside, then really you have nothing at all like the flagship S3, except the name part. However the name may be all that matters to consumers who believe that the S3 Mini is the same as the S3, but with a smaller screen. Millions and millions of handsets could be sold before people realise that the two devices are very different inside.

Some say that Samsung are being greedy, releasing a handset with virtually the same name to cash in on the popularity of the Galaxy S3. Many people will not realise there is a nigh difference between the two handsets when they fiddled with it in stores.

Worse still is the fact that the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini will not be that much cheaper than the full blown Galaxy S3. A rep in Germany confirmed to Engadget that the Mini version of the S3 will cost 439 euros. The original S3 costs between 470 and 490 euros in Germany. Bear in mind that for 370 euros you can get your hands on the Galaxy S2 and that comes with a 1.2GHz processor, 8 megapixel camera and a display of 4.3 inches.

So consumers beware, it’s not just the screen size that is different on the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.

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