Samsung Slaps iPhone 5 Screen On Galaxy S3 & Calls It “S3 MINI” (Leak)

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There are rumors going around that Samsung are to release a Galaxy S3 Mini. There are many reasons why this may be true but the folks over at AndroidMedia have pointed out the most interesting – it  would kick sand in the face of the 4-inch iPhone 5 given that a display of its size would be dubbed “mini.”

Samsung Galaxy S3 MINI to match up against iPhone 5 (rumor)

Another prime reason for releasing a smaller version on the handset is due to the fact that the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3 is so big. While it might be great for surfing and watching movies it does put a big bulge in the pocket.

Of course Apple and Samsung have been at loggerheads for some time now and this cumulated in Apple winning in court and then downsizing the order for hardware from Samsung, who used to be the largest manufacturer of their hardware.

So how else might the S3 Mini stack up against the iPhone 5?

It would run on Android of course whereas the iPhone 5 has iOS.

The iPhone 5 doesn’t support SD but the S3 Mini would, perhaps up to 64GB.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini might have the Cortex A9 quad core 1.4GHz processor while the iPhone has the A6 chip of Apple.

The screen size of the S3 Mini would be 4 inches while the device itself would be smaller than the iPhone 5 which also has a 4 inch display.

Source: AndroidMedia

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