Galaxy S3 Mini More Like iPhone 5 Annoyer Than Destroyer

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Samsung has got a bit confused, it seems. Its head of mobile communications, JK Shin, went ahead of schedule and announced that the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini would be unveiled in Germany before Samsung could make it official. Nevertheless it happened and the device made it official debut.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini no iPhone 5 threat

We can finally give you the official specs of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini that we’ve all been hearing about. The S3 Mini will have a 4” WVGA Super AMOLED display, a 1GHz dual-core chip and 1GB of RAM. There’ll be a 5MP rear camera and NFC. It’ll have a 1,500mAh battery and 16GB of storage, as well as an SD card (thankfully). To top this off, it’ll also come with Jelly Bean from the get go.

Some might be a bit let down by these specs, as they’re not quite the top-of-the-range Android features you’d expect. Many thought it’d be a pint-sized S3-style pocket rocket that would be able to meet and defeat the iPhone 5. Yeah that is far from possible as you will see now.

It may be Samsung’s first volley in the battle to take over the middle tier of the market – it already dominates the top tier, after all. What do you think of these specs? We’re you after a Samsung Galaxy S3 with a smaller screen? Do you think it was wrong of Samsung to use the S3 name just to bring attention to a device that really doesn’t share any of the killer S3 features that have made it such a threat to the iPhone 5?

For those people who were put off by the sheer size of the Samsung Galaxy S3 and were thinking about defecting to Apple, this may be your cue to do so.

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