Samsung Galaxy S3 “Mini” Just A Name, Packs A Whopper Inside

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Samsung are thought to be releasing the Galaxy S3 Mini sometime this month. Now according to new reports from sources, the device will be released with the Jelly Bean update preloaded.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini by name only, shares same top-end specs as bigger brother (rumor)

PopHerald said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini will likely come with Jelly Bean preinstalled, just as the Galaxy Note 2 did. Rumors also suggest that the handset will come with a display of 4 inches, the same as the iPhone 5 has and that it could be out on 11th October (tomorrow). The same as its older brother, the Samsung Galaxy S3, the Mini S3 will have superb specs, and this would be a welcome change as smaller versions usually don’t have the same top-end specs.

If it does then the handset will have the Exynos quad core processor and 1GB of RAM. It should also have the 8 megapixel camera and the 1.9 megapixel front camera. Perhaps the only difference will be Jelly Bean, whereas the S3 was released with ICS with the update to Jelly Bean on its way.

So just why would Samsung release a smaller device that comes with the same specs? Well they may have listened to what people want and it appears some people like the Galaxy S3 but they consider it to be too big. People such as these could have chosen the iPhone 5 over the Samsung Galaxy S3 thanks to the iPhone 5 having a 4 inch display. Samsung will offer the Mini for these people in the hope that it will put a stop to Apple’s chances of dominance with the iPhone 5. The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini would be a great deal easier to slip into the pocket or handbag.

The S3 has been the best-selling Android device of 2012, up to now, selling more than 20 million units. It is thought that this number will creep up to more than 30 million over the holiday period. The Samsung Galaxy S3 is available on all the major carriers in the US and all apart from the handset on T-Mobile provide LTE. It is thought that the Galaxy S3 Mini will follow suit.

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