Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Has 8Gb RAM, Not A Mistake

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Anyone considering getting the new Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini based on the fact that it comes with 8GB of RAM had better take once close look. The official Samsung website has listed the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini as having 8Gb, which has led some to believe that this means 8GB of RAM.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini has 8Gb RAM, not “GB”

In actual fact the specifications on the Samsung website are somewhat misleading as it means gigabits, not gigabytes. 8 gigabits is equal to 1 gigabyte, which is better known as 1GB. So the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini comes with 1GB RAM, which by all accounts it is actually good.

So consumers beware and make sure that you do not get your gigabytes confused with your gigabits. Hopefully Samsung will alter the wording on their website to make sure that people who are not technically minded don’t make the mistake of thinking they are getting 8GB or RAM with their Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.

On a side note, a quick look through the website’s Samsung Galaxy Note 2 page shows that it has 2GB RAM. So why Samsung decided to go with “Gb” just for the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini is weird.

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