[OFFICIAL] Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini Details Revealed

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Android smartphones are typically associated with bigger is better. However Samsung have thrown a spanner in the works and they will be launching a new version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the form of a 4 inch display device. According to LaptopMag it appears that the handset, dubbed the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, will only be available in Germany, at least for the time being.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini details confirmed by Samsung CEO

Samsung’s J.K Shin said that the demand for a device with a 4 inch display was high in Europe. He went on to say that some people would call it an entry level device, or the next big thing, but they preferred to call it Mini.

The Mini part of the name could very well be a dig at Apple as they recently launched the iPhone 5 with a 4 inch display. Apple is also set to launch an iPad Mini, and it is somewhat amusing that the iPhone display is the same size as what Samsung have dubbed their Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.

According to Shin, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 may have shrunk a little, this doesn’t mean that the features have been slimmed down. He said that the mini version of the Galaxy S3 would be packed with all the features of the full size S3 pointed out LaptopMag.

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