Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini: iPhone 5 Killer Launches Tomorrow (Rumor)

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Apple are rumoured to be revealing an iPad Mini sometime this month and now it appears that Samsung has a little surprise of its own by way of the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini rumors point to launch tomorrow

The current S3 has been very popular and it competes against Apple’s flagship the iPhone 5. If Samsung release a smaller version, with a display the same size as the iPhone 5, it could certainly sway more buyers in the direction of the S3 given that many folks are put off by the large dimensions of the Android.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini has started showing up on online stores in Sweden, along with ones in Finland and Norway more recently. The retailer listing them offers several choices of colours including white and metallic blue. There are also options of NFC devices and non-NFC..

GantDaily reports that Samsung have an event tomorrow, the 11th of October and many are saying that they will reveal the Galaxy S3 Mini right there. So we may just see Samsung’s answer to the iPhone 5 in the next few hours if rumors are true.

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