New Galaxy S3 Targeted At iPhone Fans Is 3 Years Too Late

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Samsung has added another “iPhone killer” to its stable. Dubbed the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini, rumors had early pegged it as the Korean company’s answer to the iPhone 5. Well it is far from that despite its name.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini won’t take on iPhone 5, 3GS maybe?

The little sensation was supposed to be a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini with a 4-inch display to match the more pocketable proportions of the iPhone 5. However Samsung had done further cuts than just screen size.

You’re looking at a 5-megapixel camera, 1GB RAM and 1GHz dual-core processor. But the rest matches the Samsung Galaxy S3. Nevertheless the cost of portability comes at a heavy price as this makes the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini no match for the iPhone 5 anymore. If anything, it appears to go head to head with the no-midrange iPhone 3GS.

Right now the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the iPhone 5 are slugging it out big-time, with the S3 holding up well against the Apple onslaught. It’s still on track for the 30 million sales that Samsung predicted for the end of the year. The iPhone 5 has sold more than 5 million handsets, with more to be shifted during the holiday season.

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