Samsung Galaxy S3 MINI: Will It Escape The Wrath Of Apple’s Lawyers?

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2012 is getting harder for Samsung – it started off well with the Samsung Galaxy S3 breaking records, but the Koreans are beleaguered by Apple’s lawyers and Cupertino tries to get the successful phone banned in the US.

Will Samsung Galaxy S3 MINI get caught up in patent lawsuit as well?

There are now rumors of a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini by the year’s end, and this could work out well for Samsung.

SamMobile reckons that this mini Samsung Galaxy S3 would have a 4” screen and a 5MP camera and would be out at the end of 2012. 4” screen, you say…… Apple might not like that given that it is basically an S3 with the same screen size rumored for the iPhone 5.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is on Apple’s hitlist (in a Mafia style) because Apple says that Samsung treads on its patent toes and makes phones that look like Apple devices. Judge Koh agrees and has fined Samsung $1 billion for patent infringement.

So, will a touted Samsung Galaxy S3 ban affect the mini too? Not yet. Apple’s blacklist doesn’t feature the Mini because it doesn’t even exist yet. And when it does, Apple will have to separately file another lawsuit against it first.

Given that a Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini would offer an alternative to the iPhone 5 for those wanting something like the S3 but without the size, we can be certain that when it does come out officially, it will be under Apple’s radar.

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