Say Hello To S5 – The Giant Samsung Galaxy S3 Killer

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As things are right now, the Samsung Galaxy S3 may the THE Android phone to beat in 2012 – but can anything do it let alone actually come close? Maybe so.

Samsung Galaxy S3 vs Pantech Vega S5

This challenger comes from Pantech – another Korean company. Pantech’s Vega S5 Android LTE smartphone is bigger – 5” as opposed to the S3’s 4.8” display. Despite the bigger screen, though, the Vega’s “zero bezel” technology means it’s actually narrower than the Samsung Galaxy S3 – at 6.89mm rather than 8.6mm wide. It’s also got a 13MP camera. Here are its other goodies:

Qualcomm S4 Snapdragon MSM8960 CPU (similar to the one used on the US Samsung Galaxy S3), Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, 5” 720×1280 IPS display, 13MP camera with continuous autofocus and no shutter lag, 2100 mAh battery with 11 hrs of talktime to match S3.

It all sounds impressive, but there’s a downside. Its costs as much as an unlocked Samsung Galaxy S3 (close to $800) and there is no word yet on which carrier here in the US plans on taking it, if any. At this time, it looks to be on the Korean carriers only and going toe to toe with the Samsung Galaxy S3 over there.

However, if Pantech pulls this challenge off, it may decide to take its giant-killer elsewhere. If not, another Samsung competitor like HTC or Motorola might feel encouraged and build something similar.

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