US: Samsung Galaxy S2 Getting Jelly Bean Before S3 Now?!

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With it was difficult for folks in the US to hear last week that the Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update will be here in a couple of “months”, it now looks like there may be more salt rubbed into those wounds.

US Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update may come after S2 users overseas

Sammobile reports that Samsung Sweden has confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy S2 will get the update to Jelly Bean in November. That’s right, next month!

What this means is that the Android Jelly Bean update will be on all of the top end handsets from Samsung before the year is out, outside of the US. Samsung Sweden also said that the Galaxy Note 10.1 and Galaxy Note would get the Jelly Bean update in Q4. The update will be available either OTA or through KIES.

The update to Jelly Bean brings many new features, which include, better performance with the help of Project Butter, settings menu that has been reorganised, 2 home screens and a new notification bar, along with Google Now and a pop up play screen.

Given that the Samsung Galaxy S2 is a whole year older than the Samsung Galaxy S3, it is certainly disappointing to hear that S2 users overseas will already be on Jelly Bean while we’re running ICS on our shiny new toys. Common US carriers, pick up the game!

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