Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Update Opens New Can Of Worms (Security Alert)

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been on the market for some months now and it has some superb hardware and software that do make it stand out from the rest of the phones on the market. One of these is the S-Memo app. However following the Jelly Bean update a new security issue has been revealed which was previously fixed already.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update opens up security hole

Everyone stores their passwords on their phone; however the problem with this is that they cannot be stored secure digitally. XDA Developers have noticed that the S-Memo app on the Samsung Galaxy S3 stores passwords using plain text. This means that if you know where to look on the phone, you can read the information clearly.

One user at XDA managed to read his own password for Google very easily in plain text. However before you rush to delete the app from your device, you might want to know that access to the app is only possible because it was running on a handset that was rooted.

Of course if you have an application on the handset that has been set to allow root privileges then it would have access to the part where the passwords are stored on the handset. this could include the password to your Google account, which you have been using when signing in to the S-Memo application.

If your Samsung Galaxy S3 is rooted then the threat is not immediate. However you may want to be very careful about which apps you allow permission for root access. If your device isn’t rooted you don’t have to worry as there should not be an issue.

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