Samsung: Jelly Bean Update Confirmed For 15 Devices

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One of the largest downfalls of Android is that many handsets and devices are still running on older operating systems, with updates being very slow.

Samsung Galaxy S3 to be joined by 15 other Galaxy devices with Jelly Bean update

However recent Android releases have in some cases, been upgraded a little faster than they used to be and Samsung have now given information on their upgrade list to the latest Jelly Bean OS.

Starting from a few days ago, upgrades to Jelly Bean for the Samsung Galaxy S3 began rolling out in certain regions and Samsung have said that another 15 handsets will get the upgrade. However some of the older devices have been left out.

The Galaxy Tab 10.1, which was handed out during the I/O conference last year has been left out. On the good side devices which will get the upgrade include the following:

Samsung Galaxy S2, S2 LTE, Note, S DUOS, Ace 2, Note 10.1, Beam, Tab 2 2.0/10/1,  Tab 7.0 Plus, Music, Chat, Ace Plus, S Advance and Mini ii.

All of the above Galaxy devices will at some point get the update to Android Jelly Bean. This will bring, among other features, Project Butter for a smoother experience, improved notifications and widgets that automatically resize.

Jelly Bean will work alongside the TouchWiz overlay, however Samsung didn’t mention this when they let out the information about the updates. SIM free handsets should get the update first and then those on carriers.

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