Samsung Galaxy S3: Jelly Bean Delay Works Out Well For Fans

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The Jelly Bean delay in reaching phones like the Samsung Galaxy S3 may well be a blessing in disguise. The average Android owner might find this surprising, after waiting for several months already, but read on to find out why.

Samsung Galaxy S3 price point becoming more favorable thanks to lack of Jelly Bean update

PopHerald has noted that the international Samsung Galaxy S3 is already falling in price in readiness for the release of the Galaxy Note 2, which will have Jelly Bean already on it. Many sellers are lowering the price of the Samsung Galaxy S3 from $800 to $700, and the smaller 16GB version is now $650 rather than $680.

PH explains that buyers are after Jelly Bean as it’s the very latest Android OS, which is why they’ll be looking to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2. Samsung is very bad at rolling out Android OS updates to handsets – most people will remember the Galaxy S nightmare in the US. So once there’s a phone with Jelly Bean already installed, it’s going to turn quite a few heads….more than the Samsung Galaxy S3.

We don’t know if the Samsung Galaxy S3 will carry on falling in price, especially as we have no idea when it’ll finally get Jelly Bean. The later the update is, though, the lower it’ll go, so we’ll be keeping our eyes on it for the foreseeable.

As for the iPhone 5 launch, one would have expected it to affect the price of the Samsung Galaxy S3. However its move to $99 on contract on the day of the iPhone 5’s announcement was only a limited time sale, so it appears that retailers are confident that Android users are still happy with the Android platform.

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