Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Life Drops After Jelly Bean (Report)

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While many US Samsung Galaxy S3 owners are glad to see that the smartphone has finally gotten its Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update, it appears that it may have taken a toll on battery life.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Life Drops After Jelly Bean (Report)

Ever since it made its way to Verizon users last week, there have been a growing number of Samsung Galaxy S3 users complaining of poor battery life with their phone. Apparently the battery drains faster even when left idle such as overnight on the nightstand.

We put it to the test with our Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 and found this to be true. Taking an ICS run Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 and putting it fully charged on the night stand overnight left it with 98 percent battery life by 7am the next morning. After the Android Jelly Bean update, the same Samsung Galaxy S3 only had 89 percent battery remaining after the night.

Now we couldn’t figure out the exact cause of the problem but found ways to lessen the battery loss. By turning off the location services in Google Now we saw the Samsung Galaxy S3 get away with 95 percent battery life overnight. Turning off location services on the ICS S3 however didn’t make any difference. So from this we’re concluding that the battery drain may be a result of Google Now and the location services which may be happening more frequently after Jelly Bean.

Do you suffer from the same problem? Did turning off location services increase the battery life of your Samsung Galaxy S3 or just mess with some of the Google Now cards?

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