[OFFICIAL] Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Update Arrives Courtesy Of Carrier At IFA

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Engadget says it’s seen Android 4.1, AKA Jelly Bean on a German Samsung Galaxy S3. We’ve seen the update in the forum, but the Engadget guys had their mitts on an actual handset that was being displayed at the Vodafone booth at IFA event in Berlin running Jelly Bean 4.1. If this handset had the upgrade, then a general roll-out must be in the air already (did we mention it was Amber brown in color?)

Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update officially spotted at IFA event

Engadget said that they couldn’t really see any enhanced smoothness compared to a Samsung Galaxy S3 running Ice Cream Sandwich, so maybe Project Butter isn’t going to help the already blazing fast S3 after all.

The Samsung Galaxy S3, which broke pre-order records, came with ICS to start with, and the Jelly Bean update brings Project Butter along with other features to the handsets. Users will see better notifications, and will be able to swipe open more info from the notification bar. They’ll also be able to get previews of emails and text messages by dragging them open rather than going to the SMS or email app.

Jelly Bean also puts Google Now into the Samsung Galaxy S3. Google Now gives users a series of information cards based on the current location. This means that the phone owner can keep abreast of weather, local amenities and sports scores right from the notification bar.

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