Samsung Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean Update Tailing S3

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Samsung has always been a bit tardy with its Android updates, but it seems to have turned over a new leaf as it’s rolling Jelly Bean out to the Samsung Galaxy S3 stat! It’s also promised Jelly Bean to the Samsung Galaxy S2 very soon.

Samsung Galaxy S2 Jelly Bean update trailing Galaxy S3

Lots of people think that the Samsung Galaxy S2 will be updated shortly after the S3 is done with its global Jelly Bean tour. The Samsung Galaxy Note will also get Jelly Bean, but only after the S2 supposedly . This will happen in December, as confirmation of this has come from Samsung Europe.

GadgetInsiders tells us that Samsung Denmark posted a Facebook status saying that the Samsung Galaxy S2 would get Android 4.1 in November, but obviously that didn’t happen. Samsung Sweden says that its update will happen sometime in Q4, so, errr….that’s December, then. Canadian networks have said this too, so it looks like Jelly Bean-flavoured Christmas presents all round.

It seems, then, that the global Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean rollout will be done by the year’s end. Verizon doesn’t have the S2, so we’re not worried about whether they can get their act together before New Year’s Eve! We also hope that T-Mobile and Sprint can deliver the beans to their Samsung Galaxy S2 before Santa visits.

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