Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Teasers Ate Up 2 Full Months!

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A hoax was posted online just a few days ago about a 60MB update for the Samsung Galaxy S3 to Jelly Bean. However the good news is that we now have a report of the progress of the Jelly Bean update. Samsung have now said that it will happen inside of October.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update: the wait continues

A user sent over a tipoff from Germany that he had gotten notification from Samsung to update his Galaxy S3 to Jelly Bean. It now appears that this was just made up due to the sheer amount of comments from others saying that it was coming any moment.

It seems that owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 the world over will have to wait for the update which Samsung have now said will take place in October in Europe, followed by the US in November. At the moment there is no indication of exactly when in October and this could tip some people to download one of the many custom Jelly Bean ROMs that are available online for the Galaxy S3.

Samsung said way back in August at the Unpacked event that the update would be released soon, but it seems that their version of soon and ours are two different things. Two months later and still not here is not soon.

Of course Samsung are well known to be slow for bringing updates out so don’t be surprised if you are still waiting when the holidays come around, especially you US owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Those who are buying the Note 2 won’t have the problem of waiting as the device comes with Jelly Bean… unless Key Lime Pie is announced this holidays.

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