What Samsung Galaxy S3 With Jelly Bean Really Looks Like (Video)

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The folks over at PopHerald suggest that the new colors of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will have Jelly Bean out of the box. These new versions will be Garnet Red, Sapphire, Amber Brown and Titanium Grey.

AT&T was first to get Garnet Red, in August, and it’s thought that the rest of the new colours will be coming to the US as well. Just now, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint offer only the Pebble Blue and Marble White. Now while we’ve seen previews of all these colors by way of renderings, we haven’t had the chance to see how the Samsung Galaxy S3 looks all dressed up in Jelly Bean.

Samsung Galaxy S3 running Android Jelly Bean (video)

TheVerge posted a new video last week, featuring a German Amber Brown Samsung Galaxy S3 that had Jelly Bean. The video showed the phone running Google Now and also the improved S-Voice app.

Jelly Bean doesn’t look too different from ICS, mainly because of the Nature UX overlay. Project Butter has sped it up, apparently. Anyway, have a look here.

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