Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean Update Is Late & Why That’s Great

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Owners of the Samsung Galaxy S3 are still waiting for the update to Jelly Bean for their handsets. However depending on how you look at it, this delay is a good thing for S3 fans as well.

Delays in Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update lets unlocked model prices drop

PopHerald said that the international version of the handset has been dropping in price thanks to the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 that comes with Jelly Bean preinstalled. You can now get your hands on the Samsung Galaxy S3 for around $700 instead of $800 if you want the 16GB version of the handset.

With the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 it makes sense of course that as this comes with Jelly Bean, Android fans will prefer it as it has the latest OS. Therefore PopHerald concludes that thanks to the fact that the Galaxy S3 has not yet received the Jelly Bean update and still runs on Ice Cream Sandwich, anyone wanting the handset can now save around $100.

As the device is one of the latest, it’s only been out for a few months after all, the lack of an update surely can’t be a bad thing if it means that S3 fans can save some money. What will be interesting however is to see just how low the S3 price can go as new Jelly Bean phones begin to flood the market.

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