Can Samsung Galaxy S3 Get Any Better? Yes & It Just Did

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Samsung have just published a video on their YouTube account which shows off their prized Samsung Galaxy S3 with the Jelly Bean update. The video has come out as the update is rolling out in the US over certain carriers and shows off just how much an already great device can improve from a simple software update.

Samsung Galaxy S3 gets big boost from Android 4.1 Jelly Bean update

The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with ICS installed but Jelly Bean brings a whole lot of new features to the device that was released this summer. One of these is Project Butter and ensures that the handset runs very smooth and a lot faster.

T-Mobile has rolled out the update to Jelly Bean to their customers just this week and Sprint customers have had the update for some time now as they delivered it last month. At the moment those on Verizon and AT&T are still waiting to get their hands on Jelly Bean.

Also on the YouTube account of Samsung another video has been shown that displays the many advantages of Jelly Bean and the TouchWiz interface on the Samsung Galaxy S3.

Samsung Mobile have said that Jelly Bean and TouchWiz come with freestyle widgets that allows users to make full use of the power of the operating system. Now when the widgets are moved other ones move and reposition automatically, which means that you don’t have to delete them and then go through the process of putting them up again because of space constraints.

Samsung have also bragged about their notification centre which has been improved. Now Samsung Galaxy S3 users can seem more info at a glance, along with showing photos that come with messages on the notification screen, which can be dragged down.

Another thing Samsung have promoted in their video is Google Now. This is very much like Siri on iOS, however it doesn’t talk to you. It offers information by way of cards, such as for travel information, sports scores, weather info and other information of importance. Google Now also works alongside the voice search. Check out the Samsung Galaxy S3 video below.

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