Samsung Galaxy S3: Jelly Bean Eats Up Battery, Simple Fix Found

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean update is pretty much available all around the world now, with even slow to update carriers like Verizon already in on the action.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Jelly Bean vs Ice Cream Sandwich: battery life issues

While the Jelly Bean update boats a lot of benefits, there may be some drawbacks by way of bugs which Samsung Galaxy S3 users soon realized. In particular to do with battery life.

There are complaints now that the Samsung Galaxy S3 is losing battery life dramatically overnight after the Jelly Bean update. We decided to put this complaint to the test as we have both an ICS and Jelly Bean Samsung Galaxy S3 (Cricket & Verizon model). True enough it is the case.

Keeping both units overnight on the night stand at full charge, the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 with Jelly Bean dropped to 89 percent by 8AM the next morning. As for the Cricket Galaxy S3 on ICS, it only went down to 96 percent.

We tried to correct this by experimenting with turning off certain features and found that when you disabled location services for Google Now, it helped with battery life of the Jelly Bean S3. This hints that the Google Now app may have been updated post-Jelly Bean and the reason behind the problem.

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