Samsung Confirms “Suicidal” Nature Of Galaxy S3, Help Coming

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 could be faced with a serious issue that has just come to the light of the manufacturer. The issue seems to happen usually when the Samsung Galaxy S3 is left alone or right after it is powered off and the user tries to turn it back on.

Samsung Galaxy S3 issue confirmed by Samsung rep, fix coming

Over at the XDA forum, it has been dubbed sudden death and the complaints have now taken the thread over the 100 page mark. It refers to the Samsung Galaxy S3 suddenly “committing suicide”, with no one knowing the cause of it initially. Many believe that it is down to the motherboard shorting out once the device is powered off and screen locked, and if so this would mean that there isn’t a possible fix. However this may turn out to be incorrect.

A representative from Samsung has said that the issue isn’t a unicorn; however it is something that only exists with the 16GB version of the Samsung Galaxy S3, it can be remedied with an update to the firmware. At the moment there has been no timeframe for when an update may come out, however at least the news is better than at first thought.

It seems that the sudden death issue is not widely affecting carrier branded versions of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in the US. It seems to be affecting the international handset, which happens to be the device that has sold the most around the world.

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