Samsung Galaxy S3 Suicidal When Left Alone

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In what has to be one of the most strangest bugs reported yet, the folks over at IntoMobile report of a new issue with the Samsung Galaxy S3 whereby the device doesn’t turn off after some set conditions.

New Samsung Galaxy S3 issue reported

The blog points to numerous forums including XDA Developers talking about how the Samsung Galaxy S3 doesn’t turn on after being left to charge or right after the screen is turned off by the user. Dubbed “Sudden Death”, the phone just dies in these cases.

The problem seems to be affecting Samsung Galaxy S3 units after they hit the 6 month mark. At this point it is unclear what is causing the problem but it has been blamed on everything from bad motherboards to the battery itself.

We have reached Samsung for comment and are looking into exactly how widespread this problem is. Have you encountered something similar with your Samsung Galaxy S3 after you have left it on the charger or turned the display off?

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