Caution, Samsung Galaxy S3 May Be A Fallen Idol

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 was one of the most anticipated handsets of 2012 but it might be turning into another fallen idol as reports come swarming in of quality and performance issues after its release.

Samsung Galaxy S3 complaints growing

The handset has seen many issues reported. It has been said that it is of cheap build. This was down to the cheap looking plastic back cover which saw a tolerance problem after there were complaints about small cracks. Users were hoping that the Samsung Galaxy S3 would be released with a better cover than the S2, but this was dashed.

PhoneArena have posted photos of hairline cracks on the white Galaxy S3 battery cover and it seems that these were there when phones came out of the box, which indicated a defect in manufacturing. Samsung said that they would replace the units and several users have said that cracks appear when using the phone normally. This problem was also seen with the HTC One X not long after it was launched though.

The pebble blue version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 was affected with similar issues and this meant Samsung had to destroy around 600,000 battery door covers, which led to a shortage of the blue version.

Some users have reported that they experience trouble with the software of the rear camera and this causes it not to work. Some have said that they have problems with flash videos which indicates that the S3 has problems with the decoder.

Word messages are another problem with users saying that Word is often unresponsive and it has bugs. Samsung are expected to fix this with firmware updates.

Users have also reported memory discrepancy and Samsung engineers say that users should perform a factory reset to remedy this.

Have you experienced any of these issues or maybe ones that are not reported here? Do tell us.

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