9 Ways Samsung Galaxy S3 Just Kills The iPhone 4S

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Earlier last month, the nature-inspired Samsung Galaxy S3 finally launched in London, following their previously successful Galaxy S2 and eclipsing nearly all smartphones currently out. Coming out before Apple and the rumored iPhone 5 as well, it has an excellent time advantage as it catches those impatient buyers who are just coming up to the end of their 2-year plans.

A quick overview of the Samsung Galaxy S3 shows just why it is the hottest Android phone on the market: The HD super AMOLED screen is a substantial 4.8 inches, utilizing the space fully with just one actual button, and has 1280×720 resolution with pixel density of 309ppi. It is also lightweight, weighing in at just 133g and just 8.6mm thick. The Exynos 1.4GHz quad core processor is also impressive with its 1GB RAM, Android 4.0 (ICS), TouchWiz UI 4.0 and a range of impressive storage options, from 16 to 64 GB and the option to increase with a maximum of an additional 64GB expandable memory.

People have in addition been impressed by the battery life, as the battery is 2,100 mAh and is also pleasingly removable. The Samsung version of Apple’s famous Siri is also included; the S-Voice, along with an eye-tracking feature using smart stay sensor, direct call, smart alert and an 8MP camera with 1080p video recording capabilities.

So far this device is right ahead of the game, compared to the iPhone 4S. The Samsung Galaxy S3 now has the following advantages over Apple’s current flagship phone, the iPhone 4S:

9 reasons why Samsung Galaxy S3 is better than the iPhone 4S

Wireless charging: This is a fab feature that does not exist on the 4S; NFC: Near-field Communication allows transactions through the S3; HDMI: This allows videos from the SIII to be viewed on the TV, unlike the 4S which does not support HDMI at all; MicroSD:  This allows you to increase your storage by a huge amount as mentioned, which you cannot do on the 4S; Battery power and removability: With 2,100mAh, the Galaxy S3 has 49% more power than the iPhone 4S which sits at 1,418mAh. It is also removable; RAM: The 4S only has 512MB whereas the S3 has 1GB.; Lightweight and slimline: The S3 weights in at just 133g as mentioned, which is 7g  lighter than the 4S, and is just 8.6mm as opposed to the 4S 9.3 mm thickness.

As for the obvious big advantages – Screen size: The Galaxy S3 Super AMOLED screen is a whopping 1.3 inches larger than the 4S; The 8-megapixel camera features zero shutter lag and burst mode; and the processor is more powerful (1.4GHz quad-core).

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