Final Stretch: Samsung Galaxy S3 Price Dipped As iPhone 5 24hrs Away

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3rd party retailers which include Amazon have dropped the price of the Samsung Galaxy as the launch of the iPhone 5 approaches reports PopHerald. All models have received a price drop including both the blue and white versions of the S3.

Samsung Galaxy S3 price dips ahead of iPhone 5 launch

The 16GB Samsung Galaxy S3 was $650 and is now available for $580 unlocked, while the 32GB is on for $630 instead of the original $700. One retailer said that the price of the Samsung Galaxy S3t had been dropped following the launch of the Note 2 and it was dropped again after it was announced that the iPhone 5 would be launched on 12th September. Analysts have predicted that the new iPhone 5 will be on shelves towards the end of this month.

Amazon Wireless said that the Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 is cheaper through the retail store and more varieties were being dropped in price before the end of the month was out. One retailer also said that the Note 2 16GB would come with a price tag of around $750 to $800 unlocked and this would be dependent on the region customers live in.

The iPhone 5 of course is expected to take on the same price point of the iPhone 4S when it first launched. 3rd party retailer would possibly be dropping the price of the Samsung Galaxy S3 in an attempt to sell as many units as possible before its biggest rival, the iPhone 5 takes away the spotlight.

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