iPhone 5 & iOS 6 May Boast Samsung Galaxy S3 ‘Eye Tracking’ Like Capability

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Believe it or not, there has been talk about producing a stylus for the famed iPhone and iPad. Apple has been looking at this idea for some time, and it has even been investigated in their famed labs.

iPhone 5 stylus support hinted by patent, Samsung Galaxy S3 like eye-tracking

There have been one or two patent applications coming out of Apple recently, and if you are a stylus fan, these are encouraging, with one of the applications being for an actual optical stylus. The other is for something called a haptic feedback stylus.

This is of course very exciting, the optical stylus has a camera right at the very top of the unit, and it tracks user movement this way. This is a little flashier than other units out there, and very appropriate for Apple. Now we’ve seen the use of the camera for eye tracking recently on the Samsung Galaxy S3 whereby it uses it to see if the user is still looking at the screen, preventing it from timing out and locking.

The haptic feedback unit is a little more complicated. This has something called a haptic actuator, and a Wi-Fi receiver installed.

This means that there is a feeling that Apple are moving against companies like Samsung, who are currently rocking the world with their Samsung Galaxy Note. The Note uses an S-Pen capacitive stylus that is pressure sensitive. Apple users take note (pun fully intended).

iPhone 5 vs Samsung Galaxy Note

If rumors serve true, we will see the iPhone 5 launch sometime this fall. Now there is talk that the iPhone 5 will feature a much larger display and redesigned exterior (aluminum based). This would no doubt give enough room for a stylus bay if needed. However as Steve Jobs has already once shot down the idea of styluses for next-generation products, we’re not sure if it would make its way into the iPhone 5 given that Steve Jobs was reportedly involved in its development before he passed away.

We’ll be at WWDC 2012 where hopefully iOS 6 is revealed and there maybe clues of an iPhone 5 and stylus support.

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