Nokia Nexus 3: Ultimate Cross Between iPhone & Galaxy S3 Strengths? [TV]

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Ever since the announcement of the Lumia 920 you have to consider what might have been if Nokia had chosen to go with Android instead of going with Windows Phone. That’s what the folks over at TheVerge put up today. What is even more interesting to consider is what if Nokia had shipped the 920 with a stock build of Android adds the blog?

Nokia Nexus 3 dream: iPhone build quality & styling combined with hardware & OS to rival Samsung Galaxy S3

It would perhaps have produced the best ever smartphone the world has seen. The Razr Maxx is known for its superb battery and very little else, while the HTC One X is great to look at but has a dorky user interface and the iPhone 4S is good at doing things but it is too small. So what is needed for perfection?

Android Jelly Bean is the best OS thanks to having a vast app ecosystem and it has less lag of any Android OS to date. Its native apps are awesome as well (Chrome, Gmail, Maps, etc). The best designed phone would be a subjective matter of course but the styling of the Nokia N9 is very impressive and leaves the likes of the plastic Samsung Galaxy S3 in the dust. Nokia have now upgraded the insides of their flagship device with the Snapdragon S4 and combined it with LTE, a superb touchscreen and wireless charging and thrown in a PureView camera which we recently saw tops the Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X and iPhone 4S in low light photos. The Lumia 920 has great resolution and outstanding pixel density and Nokia managed to encompass a 1280 x 720 display into what is one of the most attractive LCD panels.

If you bring together the best that Android has to offer and combine it with the very best hardware from Nokia, you get a handset that would blow not only the iPhone 4S out of the water but possibly the iPhone 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S3 points out TheVerge.

If a Nokia Nexus 3 existed it would be the handset of the year. However as Nokia chose to go with Windows Phone, we will never know what might have been, but it’s nice to dream.

Would you pounce on a Nexus phone if Nokia decided to give Android a shot?

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