Samsung Galaxy S3 Brags Wireless Charing, iPhone 5 May Go Inductive

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Apple have obtained 28 patents from the US Patent and Trademark Office, as published earlier this week. The patents include multi-touch for scrolling lists/resizing items, a light-sensitive display and a feature whereby a device can be unlocked using physical gestures. Another is an “Antenna insert”, filed in 2008 and invented by Victor Iscareno, John Tang and Stephen Zadesky which is a feature where docks can have in order to improve Wi-Fi signal, as well as wireless and optical data links and inductive charging circuits.

iPhone 5 to feature inductive charging via dock connector instead of wireless like Samsung Galaxy S3?

The reason for the “Antenna insert” patent is that when devices are placed onto docks, signal is often lost as the antenna is usually on the bottom of the device, furthest from the earpiece, to reduce potential radiation to the user. If the dock were to have an antenna, this would not be a problem and the device would access the network through the dock. Antennas would be placed on the dock using an adapter, which would ensure the antenna worked properly, improving the wireless connection.

The antenna to be used on docking stations is said to be “reradiating”, meaning it can receive and send RF signals, so they may actually be an improvement on the device antenna. Other technical aspects include the circuit for the charging station, which would involve “inductive coupling”. Apple acknowledge within the patent that they need to be careful to keep the circuit for the charging components and antenna separate.

This is not the first time that Apple have entered the realm of inductive charging as they have applied for patents before of a similar nature with inductance systems.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 as we know already features wireless charging capabilities. With smartphones like the S3 featuring more powerful hardware, battery life is always an issue hence the more ways to charge your smartphone conveniently.

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