Galaxy S3 vs iPhone 5: No Fair Comparison Is Possible

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 has been battling it out with the Apple iPhone 5 for many months and some consumers are still torn between which of the two handsets they prefer.

The Apple iPhone 5 managed to get some reviews that were duff and some said that Apple had lost their mojo when it came to innovation. On the other hand the Samsung Galaxy S3 received a lot of praise and despite the fact that it has cheap looks it is still selling very well.

The display of the Apple iPhone 5 is 4 inches as opposed to 3.5 inches and this comes with a resolution at 1136 x 640. This does happen to still be smaller than the display of the Samsung Galaxy S3 which is 4.8 inches of Super AMOLED. However it has HD and the ratio is 16:9. The display of the Samsung Galaxy S3 does win though.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is available in six different colours; however it cannot match the weight of the Apple iPhone 5 at 112 grams compared to 133 grams. Consumers prefer a handset to be thinner and so the Apple iPhone 5 is the winner.

For battery you can get around 8 hours of talk time. While the Samsung Galaxy S3 will give you around 15 hours. However in real life you will get around the same from both, as the Apple iPhone 5 looped video showed that both of the devices last around 7.5 hours. The Apple iPhone 5 lasts around 17 minutes more for web browsing and so this means that it has to be a draw.

The chip of the Apple iPhone 5 is the A6 and this does come with an improvement over the A5 chip which is found in the Apple iPhone 4S. The Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with quad core 1.4GHz chip and it also has 1GB of RAM. In Geekbench tests both handsets were level pegging, with the Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Apple iPhone 5 both winning and losing tests.

The Apple iPhone 5 has a camera that happens to be a large improvement over the iPhone 4S and the front camera is able to take videos at 720p. The Samsung Galaxy S3 does have blink and smile protection, along with burst mode, contrast and blurring. However this cannot beat the BSI sensor of the Apple iPhone 5 and this makes Apple the winner.

For connection and storage the handsets come in 16GB, 32GB and 64GB, while the Samsung Galaxy S3 also takes SD card up to another 64GB. The handset is also able to charge for USB while the Apple iPhone 5 needs a special charger. The Apple iPhone 5 lacks NFC and MHL and this means that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has the advantage.

The Apple iPhone 5 has iOS6 and this means improvements to the App Store, Siri and support for iCloud. The Samsung Galaxy S3 has Jelly Bean following the update and so this will be a hard choice to make. If you want an OS that is easy to use then it would have to be iOS, however Android is the most customisable. It has to be a draw here.

When it comes down to looks then the winner has to be the Apple iPhone 5 thanks to the aluminium, glass and all the class. This is a category in which the Samsung Galaxy S3 simply cannot compete.

Both of the handsets have won three categories and they have drawn four. This makes the choice between the two even harder and what it may come down to is the OS.

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