Samsung Galaxy No iPhone Copycat, Based On A Bowl Of Water

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Samsung and Apple remain in dispute over patents and are also disputing over whether the jury should be able to hear what a senior designer for Samsung has to say. Apple doesn’t want the jury to hear the testimony, while Samsung of course want them to hear what Hyoung Shin Park has to say.

Samsung Galaxy design based on bowl of water, not iPhone says designer

Samsung filed a court brief on Friday that said that their patent application for design dates way back to December of 2006. This of course was before Apple made their announcement to the public about the iPhone.

If the court decides to back Samsung then Park is thought to be giving details about the F700 project. This would include how the company chose the features they wanted to include. This is a key point in the trial as Apple have said that Samsung have copied their iPhone design. Samsung said that shape, including rounded corners or a rectangular shape, has nothing at all to do with the looks of the handset and is more about functionality.

It is said that Park took inspiration for the design of their Samsung Galaxy phones from a bowl of water with a surface that was smooth. Various features for function were chosen due to them serving functional purposes, including rectangular housing with corners that are evenly rounded and curved bezel which extends to the back of the phone.


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