Samsung Galaxy S3 Keeps Getting Better, First Phone To Boast HD Voice Over LTE Capability On SK Telecom

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HD Voice over LTE will launch on 8th August courtesy of SK Telecom, who says they have built the first HD voice network to run on LTE networks. There are no prizes for guessing which Korean smartphone will be the first to get it, of course it’s the flagship handset from Samsung, the Galaxy S3. The Samsung Galaxy S3 of course is ready for LTE out of the box and it is one of the most popular of handsets in Korea. The company is making sure that everyone knows that they are the first to produce an HD voice service that gobbles up LTE data.

Samsung Galaxy S3 first to do HD Voice over LTE on SK Telecom

Sprint may be seething as they announced they would be launching a similar service to this towards the end of the year. However SK Telecom has crossed the finish line ahead of them. HD Voice over LTE will improve the quality of calls and it should reduce the connection time dramatically said SK Telecom. In the future the service will evolve and diversify when it comes to the service offered. However they would not go any deeper into what these services may be.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is a perfect choice for their HD Voice network as the handset running Ice Cream Sandwich has been widely adopted in South Korea. Sources have said that the Samsung Galaxy S3 caused a boom in the country. SK Telecom said that they will preload new Galaxy S3 handsets to ensure compatibility and an update for owners of the S3 will be available later this year. They also said that they would maintain the cost of LTE HD with 3G prices along with its per second billing costs.

At the moment the Samsung Galaxy S3 is the only handset to get the service, but others will surely follow.


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