Samsung Galaxy S3: The Correct Way To Hold It

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The positioning of the antenna on the iPhone 4 has become notorious – users had to avoid covering it while using the phone to avoid losing the call. Steve Jobs – some might say typically – just told customers that they were holding the phone wrong, but Apple relented and made a bumper case for users which protected the antenna site.

Samsung Galaxy S3 antenna at bottom, users warned not to block it

DroidLife has mentioned – once or twice maybe – that Samsung is quite naked in its ambition to sell as well as Apple and to be on a level pegging with its Californian rival. In fact, there is a page in the Samsung Galaxy S3 manual that will certainly have you chuckling – it tells you how to hold the phone correctly.

Samsung has put the Galaxy S3 antenna at the bottom, and although it’s unlikely that anyone would cover it, considering the size of the 4.8” phone, by holding it with just one hand, Samsung has made sure that its manual says not to cover the bottom up.

All phones have to have an antenna, so there’s always going to be that weak spot that mustn’t be touched, but this Apple-a-Like instruction is too funny to overlook in the Samsung Galaxy S3 instructions.

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