Samsung Galaxy S3: That’s Not How You Hold It

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Everyone can remember the “Antennagate” for the iPhone 4 when it first hit the market. This phone had a rather ill-placed antenna that meant that calls tended to drop if users had their hands over a particular part of the handset. In his typical fashion, the late Steve Jobs told his devotees that they were “holding the phone wrong”, but he eventually had to do a U-turn. To placate irritated customers Apple had to offer bumper cases to anyone who complained and asked for one.

Samsung Galaxy S3 instruction guide posted to avoid iPhone 4 like fiasco

As we all know, Samsung is trying hard to compete with Apple on the same level, and after seeing this picture in the Samsung Galaxy S3 user manual, we couldn’t resist sharing it with the wider world. The Samsung Galaxy S3 antenna is still there at the bottom of the handset, which makes it awkward to hold with just one hand, given that the S3 is 4.8” in size.

Regardless, Samsung drives home the point that you shouldn’t hold it there. Of course, each phone has spots that will cause the signal to drop if they’re occluded, but we just have to give this amazing smartphone a thorough workout, don’t we?

Samsung Galaxy S3 holding guide

Samsung Galaxy S3 holding guide

The Samsung Galaxy S3 as we know will be available via US carriers by the end of the month. So far, 5 US carriers have announced that they will be carrying the flagship Samsung phone.

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