Samsung Galaxy S3 Now Has Best Of Both Worlds: Award-Winning Hardware & Google Now

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When Android Jelly Bean 4.1 was launched in the summer it came with Google Now. This is a very intriguing feature and for many people it has become an important part of their lives. Popular Science now has actually called it the Innovation of the Year.

Samsung Galaxy S3 grabs phone title of year, now Google Now gets innovation award

The award is an accolade that Google should be proud of and Google Now is nestled alongside the digital camera and the Large Hadron Collider. It also joins another product of Google’s, Google Maps.

Editor in chief of Popular Science has a dig at Apple and Siri when he named Google Now the winner. He said that Siri and voice interfaces were outdated. With Google Now you don’t have to get the phone out when you have an idea. You get the phone out when the phone has an idea.

Of course Google Now is only in its very early days and Google did tell us at the IO that we can expect more from it in time. Coincidentally, the Samsung Galaxy S3 is getting the Jelly Bean update as we speak in many regions around the world, meaning that Google Now is headed to the device. The Samsung Galaxy S3 of course is an award winning device by itself, being awarded smartphone of the year, as well as the best-seller of 2012.

So Samsung Galaxy S3 owners should be feeling pretty ecstatic right about now as their device holds two awards right now!

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