Samsung Galaxy S3 Features: Not All As Great As Made Out To Be

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When Samsung launched the Samsung Galaxy S3 in New York City at the launch event, they announced a lot of the exciting sounding TouchWiz 5 features to be included in the device. However a lot of these features require two smartphones in order to be effective – and more specifically, two Galaxy S3 S3 smartphones. Here are some features that while are present in your Samsung Galaxy S3, may be useless unless someone else owns one too:

Samsung Galaxy S3 features you can’t use on any device other than another S3

S Beam – this allows you to transfer information from one device to another, provided the other device is an SIII. If this criteria is fulfilled, it is a handy feature through which you can send media, web pages, etc.

Share Shot – this feature transfers pictures you take to up to 5 other devices using Wi-Fi Direct Connection – such as at the demo for the New York launch, photos of the launch were taken and the images were transmitted to a large TV for all to see. However if you do wish to share with other smartphones, they all must be S3 handsets.

It is strange that Samsung has done this because if it wasn’t for this handicap, they are incredibly useful features. They also link this “exclusivity and lock-in” to Apple’s methods, without which it would never have become the global phenomenon that it is. However focusing only on the S3 is not wise even for that reason, as it excludes other Samsung Galaxy devices which are as popular (Galaxy Nexus, S2 & Note).

Because of this lock-in, they are seen as gimmicks more than anything else.

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