Samsung Galaxy S3 Feature You Could’ve Missed

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 has got so many features that it’s nigh-on impossible to know them all without help. Here are some you may have overlooked.

You can get more out of your Galaxy S3’s battery by using the power feature. This manages a lot of the phone’s functions to make them more efficient.

If you’re not techie, there’s a mode that’s just for you. Some older people can get confused by the sheer number of UI options, so they should activate the Easy UI mode which makes for a simpler screen.

Using touchscreen gestures when you’re in your contacts makes life easier. Just swipe to the left on a contact to text the person, and to the right to call them.

When you’re taking videos on your phone, you can edit and chop them on the handset.
The Galaxy S3 doesn’t have video output, but there is an adapter that plugs into the handset that will send vids to your HD TV. It costs $20 or so.

You can use KIES to put music, films or photos onto your S3, or you can drag and drop if you’re plugged into your PC. You can also sync KIES via Wi-Fi.

The Galaxy S3 can handle several different types of video, so you don’t need to faff around converting them.

You can save a webpage so you can view it even when you’re offline. Just hit the menu softkey and select save to read offline.

You can take panorama pics to capture a 360 degree image of your environment.

You can, if you get your Galaxy S3 stolen, wipe it remotely, preventing anyone from accessing your info. Sign up with Samsung and use the Find My Phone feature.

There’s a fun Easter egg in About. Keep clicking on it until you see a Jelly Bean face. If you hold your finger down on this face, the entire screen will fill with jelly beans.

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