5 Samsung Galaxy S3 Features You Could’ve Missed

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The Samsung Galaxy S3 happens to be the number one selling device of 2012. The handset comes with numerous intuitive features and hence you could have missed out on some of them or just not come across yet. So with that in mind we have been highlighting 5 new features every week. Some are common while others less noticed as they would be rarely used. So without further ado, here are 5 more Samsung Galaxy S3 features you could have missed.

5 Samsung Galaxy S3 features you may not know about

The Samsung Galaxy S3 has fonts that look very serious. However if you want you are able to change them for a more light hearted look. There are three fonts pre-installed and there are more to download from the Google Play Store. To alter these just go into the display submenu and font changing.

The folders option on the home screen helps you to keep your Samsung Galaxy S3 neat and tidy. If you wish to make a shortcut, then all you need to do is keep your finger held down on the target app and then drag it to the respective location.

The lock screen of the Samsung Galaxy S3 can be customised. There are icons on the screen which are shortcuts to apps. The default ones include S Voice, camera and SMS hub. These can be altered in the Lock Screen submenu within the settings.

If you want to extend the battery if your Samsung Galaxy S3 you may wish to set your background to a dark one. The device doesn’t have a universal backlight as it is Super AMOLED. When lighter wallpaper is used, more power is used.

One way of locking your Samsung Galaxy S3 is to use Face Unlock. This uses the front camera of the device, which recognises your face and unlocks the device. Of course this is not a hard-core way of keeping your device as secure as a pin or pattern lock but it is more fun to use.

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